Origin / crop
The raw coffee comes from three cooperatives: FIECH in Mexico, Bukonzo Joint in Uganda and Gayo Megah Berseri in Indonesia. In all three countries the coffee grows at altitudes of 1400 to 2200 m above sea level and is carefully hand-picked.

About this coffee
All three cooperatives are Fairtrade-certified, enabling them to benefit from guaranteed minimum prices that cover the costs of sustainable production. In addition, it provides the Fairtrade premium, democratic organisational structures, training for producers, good working conditions and environmentally friendly farming. Fairtrade helps farmers' organisations to become self-confident trading partners on the world market.

The coffee also comes from a source certified as organic. Foods with the organic seal are produced in an ecologically and biologically safe manner. The environment is protected, energy is used responsibly, human interference with nature is avoided and natural life cycles are taken into account. By choosing products bearing the organic label you are making a positive contribution to environmental protection and the maintenance of biodiversity.

  • Body
  • Roast level

This blend of 100% arabica beans from Mexico, Uganda and Indonesia produces a balanced, powerful and spicy coffee.

This coffee is ideally suited to strong espressos. Alternatively, mixed with a little milk, it produces a perfectly balanced sweet coffee.

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