First-time use

  1. Before starting up and using the machine, read the instructions for use.
  2. When using for the first time, start by setting the language. Select "English".
  3. If "Fill system" appears several times and the process doesn't run properly when using for the first time, fill the water tank with warm water.

Daily Operation

  1. Never add more than two level measuring spoons of ground coffee (or one level measuring spoon for some machines in the ENA line) to the filler funnel. The filler funnel for ground coffee is not designed for storage.Only add ground coffee to the filler funnel, never add chocolate powder, soluble coffee or similar coffee substitute products such as chicory coffee.
  2. Do not use any coffee beans treated with additives or caramelised coffee beans. Only use roasted, untreated coffee beans to fill the bean Container.
  3. Always remove the water tank from the machine to fill it with fresh water.
  4. Always empty the coffee grounds container when the machine is switched on. This is the only way of resetting the coffee grounds Counter.
  5. Do not remove the drip tray and coffee grounds container while you can hear the machine running.


  1. If the wrong cleaner and descaling agent are used, the machine could be damaged and/or traces could be left behind in the water. Use only original JURA maintenance products. They are ideally suited to the maintenance programmes integrated in your automatic speciality coffee machine.
  2. Descaling the machine:
    Do not use liquid descaling agent to descale your machine, only JURA descaling tablets.
    If you use a CLARIS filter cartridge, remove and deactivate this before you descale the machine.