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Free operating system for intuitive touch operation

The JURA Operating Experience brings state-of-the-art coffee machine operation to your smartphone. J.O.E.® is the most intuitive, convenient and modern way to make optimum use of all the advantages offered by JURA automatic speciality coffee machines*. With the JURA Operating Experience you can control your JURA coffee machine* from your smartphone, with all the convenience of touchscreen operation.

* J.O.E.® is compatible with all JURA coffee machines equipped with Smart Connect.

J.O.E.® can be downloaded here:


Technical requirements of smartphone / tablet

  • Android-Version 5.1.1 or higher
  • iOS-Version 10.3.2 or higher
  • Bluetooth-Version 4.0 or higher

Compatible with:


  • GIGA 5 (Softwareversion EF657M_V02.21 and higher)
  • Z8
  • Z6
  • J6 / J600
  • S8
  • E8 / E80 / E800
  • E6 / E60 / E600
  • D6 / D60 / D600
  • D4 / D400


  • GIGA X8cG2
  • GIGA X8G2
  • GIGA X3cG2
  • GIGA X3G2
  • GIGA X9c Professional
  • GIGA X9 Professional
  • GIGA X8c Professional
  • GIGA X8 Professional
  • GIGA X7c Professional
  • GIGA X7 Professional
  • GIGA X3c Professional
  • GIGA X3 Professional
  • GIGA W3 Professional
  • X10
  • X8
  • X6
  • WE8
  • WE6  
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